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About Overloaded (Young People Addition)

A young persons perspective on Overloaded

Coming to a new place of learning can be scary, so knowing what is expected of you and what is available to you can really relieve some of the stress.


How they treat young people

Here at Overloaded they aim to treat the young people going here like adults. Provided you work with them they are very willing to cater to your coping mechanisms, allowing you the freedom to express yourself while feeling as comfortable as you can.


The Staff

The staff have someone for everyone. Always seemingly able to indulge hobbies and interests, changing the learning into lessons you can enjoy, making work feel less like work.
They offer a unique on-site work experience, providing a minimal stress environment for you to interact with customers in their shop.

The Shop

The shop provides different tasks / activities that you are able to try out such as restocking products, designing the layout of the products, imputing data from a real shop into spreadsheets and more!
Giving you real work experience!


The SENtre

In the SENtre, they currently have animals, a small garden, a mini gym, workshop, computers, and games.
Each area is free use to all provided you respect what other learners have worked on. Your free to join in, help, and use the tools.

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